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. she's meeting with president obama at the white house. later today she'll say goodbye to her staff. then her replacement, massachusetts senator john kerry will be sworn in. >>> in a letter to d.c. mayor vincent gray, natwar gandhi says he's retiring. he served as the c.e.o. folts past 15 years -- for the past 15 years. he plans to retire on june 1. >>> a judge has denied a motion for a mistrial in the case against a former culpeper cop daniel harmon-wright. the jury used a dictionary to look up the meaning of malice. the jurors convicted the officer on tuesday for the february 2012 shooting death of patricia ann cook. >>> one of new york city's most colorful mayors ed koch has died. we learned this morning that koch died of congestive heart failure. current mayor michael bloomberg called him, quote, annual irrepressible icon, our most charismatic cheerleader and champion. he helped rescue new york from near financial ruin during his three terms in office. ed koch was >>> start your engines. the washington auto show opens today at the d.c. convention center. so what are the hottest
as the next secretary of defense. today, the white house spokesman said president obama thinks he will be an excellent secretary. he dismissed critics of his performance at a contentious confirmation hearings yesterday. no democrats have said they would vote against him. today, a republican said he would oppose the nomination out. >> anne arundel county executive john leopold has resigned, just days after a judge found him guilty of misconduct in office. he was serving his second term. he issued a statement that said in part, "this decision is the most difficult decision i have ever made, but i know it is. right one and in the best interests of the citizens of anne arundel county." he acknowledged his mistakes. he will be sentenced in march, facing years in jail, but some legal experts believe he will get probation instead. >> the district's chief financial officer is retiring, the announcement coming less than a year after he was appointed to the post for three years. horace holmes joins us from northwest, and he says he's retiring for personal reasons? >> yes absolutely, persona
in the obama white house but was the deputy chief security advisor, when i asked him who was really in charge of setting foreign policy strategy, in this administration, was it hillary clinton or was it the white house. he made it very clear the white house was in charge of the big picture and he described her as the principal implementer. >> well, the president is the boss. was she an effective advocate for the obama administration's worldview around the world? >> well, i means that's where clearly she gets marks. she had a level of celebrity star power, not to mention her absolutely relentless desire to travel around the world. we did it the other day of all 112 countries that she went to from afghanistan to zambia, called it a secretary of schlep. and in some ways there is actually a real dewait-- debate opened up. michael kinsley said it was a complete waste of time. >> suarez: trudy, the boosters of hillary clinton have noted that at the time that she became secretary, u.s. prestige around the world was heavily damaged by very contentious relationships during the bush years. if you limit
donagh now the chief of staff in the obama white house but was the deputy chief security advisor when i asked him who was really in charge of setting foreign policy strategy, in this administration was it hillary clinton or was it the white house. he made it very clear the white house was in charge of the big picture and he described her as the principal implementer. >> well, the president is the boss. was she an effective advocate for the obama administration's worldview around the world? >> well, i means that's where clearly she gets marks. she had a level of celebrity star power not to mention her absolutely relentless desire to travel around the world. we did it the other day of all 112 countries that she went to from afghanistan to zambia, called it a secretary of schlep. and in some ways there is actually a real dewait-- debate opened up. michael kinsley said it was a complete waste of time. >> suarez: trudy the boosters of hillary clinton have noted that at the time that she became secretary u.s. prestige around the world was heavily damaged by very contentious relationships during the
. the white house thinks the president's council on jobs and combativeness is shutting down. the announcement made on the same day, in fact come as weekly jobless claims unexpectedly skyrocketed. president obama created the jobs council back in 2011, billing the advisory board of prominent business leaders and economists from around the nation who were to offer proposals to help spur job creation and economic growth. the president only met with his jobs counselor handful of times, four to be exact, rejecting or ignoring many proposals, including a plan to lower tax rates in order to broaden the overall tax base. the council's last official meeting one and one year ago. unemployment has dropped from more than 9 percent of the council's inception to the current rate of 78%, but more than 23 million americans remain of work or are stuck in part-time jobs , wanted full-time work for. meantime, we learned initial jobless claims rose to 360,000 last week, an unexpected jump of over 38,000 from the prior week's four year low. the obama economy seems stuck in neutral. recoveries fragile. yesterday th
responded to republican criticism after president obama disbanded his jobs council. >> the white house says the council was only intended to last for to years. the group met four -- for two years. the group met four times during its tenure and hasn't met in more than a year. >>> do you have a little girl who tends to scream a little bit when she gets excited? you might want to cover your ears when we have celebrity birthdays in the next slot. >> how many sports fans are really fanatic. we'll talk to a sports psychologist about why millions are so intense about their team. >> it's just . >>> welcome back. 5:38. we're dealing with some snow. in purcelville, they have snow sticking to the ground with the moderate band of snow moving in from parts of west virginia and the shenandoah valley. here's a look at your forecast. we have winter weather advisories till 10:00. moderate bands of snow the next few hours, a dusting to an inch. we'll clear out mid- to late morning. looking at partly sunny and windy for the afternoon. winds could gust to 30 miles an hour. highs staying fairly steady, upper 20
is hold the government's feet to the fire. the obama administration, the house, the senate because they are direct responsibility for why we've seen such anemic growth, and to say to somebody looking for a job, it's coming, it's coming, four years? it's coming? no, it should be unacceptable. gerri: john, i want you to talk to some of the participation rates, labor rate issues, and among 60-year-olds, it's growing. the labor force participation among people who might be thinking about retirement is actually growing. there's more people who are in the age category who are actually working. now, this contravenes everything you think is going on, and, certainly, the message from the white house saying, hey, boomers retiring everywhere. it's not happening. what's going on? >> well, you know, the -- that's right, a lot of people put off retirement plans because the typical household lost a lot of money when the stock market went down, and the house is worth less than it was, and the plans go out the window, not sure about their pension, and so that's another reason to keep working. it's
that the white house could do. >> narrator: the speech had not gone well. in the end, obama would leave it to congress to address financial reform. >> the young president prepares to deliver the most important speech of his first term in office... >> narrator: meanwhile in washington, the president turned his attention back to health care. >> president obama gets ready to take the stage... >> narrator: he summoned a joint session of congress. >> after consulting with a number of people, i think the president concluded, "i need to take back control of this." >> madame speaker, the president of the united states! (applause) >> he understood that his presidency was at stake. he understood that he was asking people to make a very difficult vote. he also tried to explain the historic opportunity. >> his audience really in that speech wasn't the public in general, it was the people sitting in that chamber. >> the time for bickering is over. the time for games has passed. now is the season for action! now is when we must bring the best ideas of both parties together and show the american peopl
and no one in the white house says it has fallen far enough. officials defend the council's work in mr. obama's interaction with it. >> the jobs council provided us a series of ideas, many of which the president acted on. it did not require some leaves us ideaso be generated. >> from the start critics believe the council was intended to create the appearance of action in the face of soaring unemployment. it only met four times and had fewer than two dozen conference calls enlisting sessions. republicans ultimately criticized the council and criticized mr. obama for not meeting with it. >> one thing the president could have done instead of wasting so much time blaming others would have been to convene the jobs council he created amidst so much fanfare. >> the press secretary said the president to -- treated is of counsel is more of a nuisance than a vehicle to spur job creation. was the republican national committee chair tweeted news this morning that the economy contracted last quarter comes as obama's jobs council ends. great work. you're excused. the council was shared -- chaired by gec ho
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will be withheld. the white house says president obama will immediately sign it. >>> president obama's choice to head the defense department was on the defense himself during harsh questioning from fellow senators. former nebraska senator chuck hagel was grilled yesterday by members ever the senate armed services committee. several times, hagels was put on the spot over his support for israel, his refusal to go along with sank00s on iran and his past positions on the iraq troop surge. one republican is supporting him but hagel will need a few more to overcome any gop filibuster to his nomination. >>> the country is remembering a national tragedy today. it was 10 years ago today the space shuttle include broke apart in the skies over texas as it re-entered the earth's atmosphere. all seven crew members died. there will be remembrance ceremonies today at kennedy space center and arlington national cemetery. an investigation showed a piece of the foam that ripped off on launch and ripped a hole in the wing led to the accident. >>> before they fill arenas to capacity, bands including u2 and duran
or their paychecks will be withheld. the white house says president obama will immediately sign it. >>> the january jobless numbers are out. and there's good news. bad news, too. first, the unemployment rate for december was revised up to 7.9%. but january's numbers show no change. the government says 157,000 jobs were added last month and hiring was stronger than first thought over the past couple of years. while the economy continues to sputter, the job market held steady with january unemployment at 7.9%. >>> beyonce breaks her silence. hear her response to criticism over the inauguration lip-synch flap. >> but first, wisdom is checking out new rides. >> reporter: all right, tony and allison, get your motor running and led out on the highway and come down to the convention center in washington, d.c. to check out the washington auto show. a lot of fancy cars out here. we're going to tell you what it's all about, tell you about the new technology, family friendly. we have all the details about the auto show when fox 5 morning news continues after the break. wh ole ain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl
and items like the morning after pill. the white house says the modifications meet president obama's overarching goals. >> we had to ensure the women have access to preventative services like contraception. the policy also respects religious beliefs. >> catholic league bill donahue held the announcement as a sign of good will toward the catholic community. because the private sector firms with religious objections are not covered by the proposal and many insurance firms are apt to shift the absorbed cost back to employers anyway, even if they are not for profit, catholic schools, charity or hospitals, all other groups dismissed the latest h.h.s. move as window dressing. >> religious charities like catholic charities are not off the hook today. on the contrary, they are forced to contract with a third party to still provide objectionable products like abortion inducing drugs for employees. today's accommodation is another version of the old accounting gimmick. >> the administration said insurers will detucket the cost of the contraception from user fees they pay to the federal gover
created last month. house republicans are blasting president obama though, for disbanding the jobs council he created two years ago. council hasn't met in more than a year. >> we hear, you know, some of the somewhat ridiculous criticisms on this. they come from people on capitol hill who have consistently opposed every growth initiative and job creation initiative the president put forward. >> the white house says it was only spended to last two years. >>> americans have been buying guns in record numbers ever since the talk about tightening gun control laws. now there's the build up, your self-option for guns, a store in ocean side has its own machine shop where people can build their own guns, even ar15 semiautomatic rifles. the store is only allowed to sell the metal parts. the customers have to put it together themselves. >> that's where your actual trigger assembly and hammer and everything is going to go inside there to make it a firearm. at this stage, literally a paper weight. >> gun laws say americans can make a weapon for personal use
, appreciate it. >>> house speaker john boehner saying this is the wrong time for president obama to scrap his jobs council, but the washington examiner's byron york said it wasn't worth saving at all. byron coming from high home town of san francisco, hope that makes you a 9ers fan temporarily. >> i am through sunday. >> what's the deal with the jobs council. why is it no big deal that the president got rid of it? >> it was always a big nothing. there's no doubt about it. president obama has often been under criticism throughout his time in office for putting other issues before jobs and the exee, and in his first term it was obama care or cap and trade. now you hear about gun control and immigration, and creating a jobs council was a way to show that he was actively involved and compared approximat about t. >> do you think speaker boehner is wrong for coming out and criticizing the president for getting rid of the jobs council? is that a wrong move by the speaker of the house? >> i think he's correct. this never accomplished anything. he found this version of the, the president did. it met a
when president obama was sworn in, how does the white house frame that? >> it's the republicans fault. it was the old republicans fault. it was george w. bush. it was his fault and the fault, he says and so says the white house advisors, because republicans declined to join the president in a broad-based plan that involves raising taxes, borrowing more money for increased stimulus spending -- what the calls investments -- because republicans are unwilling to accede to his wishes. economy remains poor. that is what they say. republicans say just the opposite. they say because the president will not reduce taxes, because he will not cut government spending that is why the economy is poor and shouting continues. >> thank you for that update. [ laughter ] >> nice to see you. >> the president's healthcare law was supposed to make it more affordable but a glitch, so called glitch in the system could price many families out of healthcare. how did it happen? dr. mark siegle has answers for us. a fiery meeting as a new look what americans are saying about the government versus personal freedom
white house correspondent jessica yellin is reporting that the obama administration has approached a number of elected officials about taking the job. but so far they have declined that job. >>> so if you've been watching cable tv, there's a pretty good chance that you've seen a case about a young woman named jodi arias who is accused of killing her ex-boyfriend travis alexander. look, it's not your garden variety murder. there are plenty of murders out there. but this one caught a lot of eyes. first of all, he's a lot bigger than than she is and apparently the death was caused not only from the shot of a .25 caliber gun, but 27 stab wounds and his throat being slit from ear to ear, and this is the woman they are talking about, and there are photographs that had a whole other side of jodi arias. arias' defense is self defense. that's what she said. she said this was a tough relationship, that he was a sex maniac that threatened her with bodily harm, but a bullet casing and camera may tell a different story in the courtroom. and then there are the lies, one after the other that this
obligation. >>> also on capitol hill a tough go for president obama's nominee for secretary of defense. former republican senator chuck hagel got hammered by fellow republicans during his confirmation hearing. he is still expected to be confirmed, but the white house conceived hagel's appearance could have been stronger. danielle nottingham has this report. >> yes or no. >> reporter: senator john mccain grilled chuck hagel, president obama's defense secretary nominee about his opposition to the troop surge in iraq. >> and your refusal to answer whether you were right or wrong about it is going to have an impact on my judgment as to whether to vote for your confirmation or not. >> reporter: some republicans have said they won't support hagel. he tried to address their concerns. >> i'm on the record many times in speeches and on the floor of the senate and in the book i wrote in 2008 saying iran is a state sponsor of terrorism. >> reporter: hagel served as a senator from nebraska for 12 years. during that time he made controversial remarks about israel that ar
. [ laughter ] now, barack obama's justice department decided not to defend doma, but don't worry, your tax dollars are still being spent on the case. house republicans hired super-straight, super-lawyer paul clement to defend marriage to the tune of $2 million dollars. [ laughter ] now, the case won't be heard until march, but that money is already buying brilliant legal arguments from clement like: "marriage should be limited to unions of a man and a woman because they alone can produce unplanned and unintended offspring." [ laughter ] damn straight. yes! yes, marriage is for straight people, who can go to a wedding, get tanked on chablis, and make a baby, barebacking it in a coat closet. [ laughter ] as -- [cheers and applause] fans of the coat closet. that's how god intended it. [ laughter ] planning to have kids just isn't right. [ laughter ] but perhaps the strongest argument clement yanked out of his law-hole is this one: "gays and lesbians have attained more legislative victories, political power, and popular favor in less time than virtually any other group in american history. giv
at the white house. around 2:30 she will leave her office for the final time. her successor, senator john kerry, will be sworn in later today. a rough day on capitol hill for president obama's defense secretary nominee chuck hagel. during his confirmation hearings, he faced intense grilling from republicans. >> were you correct or incorrect and you said that the surge would be the most dangerous part policy blunder in this country since vietnam? yes or no? >> my preference -- >> are you evading the question? >> republicans repeatedly questioned him about a study that he co-authored to call for an 80% cut in u.s. nuclear weapons. he has most democrats on this side. a confirmation vote for him next week. it could be a difficult weekend for thousands of metro riders. orange line trains will not be running between the federal centers southwest and cheverly. trains will not be running between federal center southwest and benning road. ben austen o'clock tonight until closing on sunday. shuttle buses will be available. -- blue line trains will not be running. red line trains will single track between
for an hour and will meet with president obama and the white house tomorrow her last day of secretary. her successors and it should john kerry opie at the state department monday for a welcoming ceremony. [applause] >> please take your seats. good afternoon and on behalf of bob rubin, carla hills who is with us today and the entire board of directors and the members i want to welcome you to the council on foreign relations. i'm richard haas president of the cfr. for those of you who don't know who we are we are an independent nonpartisan membership organization of think-tank and a publisher and we are dedicated to improving the understanding of the world of the foreign policy choices facing this country. today we are continuing what we have come to call secretary of state we cure the council. on tuesday night we were fortunate to hear from george shultz, who served as secretary of state for some six and a half years under president ronald reagan. and this afternoon we are honored to host hillary rodham clinton. during her last 24 hours as president obama's for secretary of state, immediate
at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. chris christie praised president obama's response to hurricane sandy and he says they had a fun chat at the white house later about how much money the government would give to the victims in new jersey. >>> on monday, governor christie sits down with david letterman. he's been known to make jokes about christie's weight. he says he hopes they're funny. mitt romney's campaign donated $90,000 to the red cross to help victims of soup storm sandy. geraldo riff yar is considering a run for the senate in new jersey in 2014. so that could become a race against newark mayor corey booker who already said he's interested in running for the democratic nomination for that same senate seat. >>> the federal election commission reports that president obama raised over $738 million for the 2012 campaign. final pricetag for the entire 2012 election totals $7 billion. that's a new high. >>> but a new poll says trusting government is at a new low. 53% of americans say they believe the federal government threatened their personal rights and freedoms. >>> and that's your m
. it appears that after a firestorm of controversy directed at the white house over the contraception mandate in obama care it appears that the government is backing down. just this morning the department of health and human services announced proposed changes in that contraception mandate that provides enrollees separate contraception coverage with no co-pays and at no cost to religious organizations. this would accommodate the religious beliefs of many organizations that have protested they should not be required under obama care to institute contraceptive coverage. it is against their religious beliefs they have said, and it appears the department of health and human services has finally heard them, and is issuing some kind of a rule meant to back away from that requirement. who ultimately pays the bill, that is still a question, but it looks like the government is listening to the voices of religious and other organizations that have protested that they should not be required to pay for contraceptive care under the obama healthcare plan. more coverage as the news comes in ahead on fox. je
to that lunch counter and reenacted that sit-in. >>> want to bring you now breaking news from the white house. another cabinet member is out. energy secretary steven choo, choo saying he will resign once a successor is confirmed. >>> and president obama will take his push for gun control on the road, starting at the beginning of next week. he's going to travel to minneapolis where he will meet with local elected and law enforcement officials. joining me now, msnbc columnist ezra klein. i want to show everybody, as we look at these numbers, nearly 100% of those polled in virginia, new jersey and p.a., they favor background checks at gun shows. but i want to play for everybody what republican senator roy blunt had to say this morning with our chuck todd on "the daily rundown" . >> i'm focusing my efforts on what we can do in the mental health area, what we can do in sharing information among law enforcement and security agencies. >> so is it the scene that the republican argument about gun control, the focus still remains on everything but guns. everything on the periphery. how much do you thin
? >> it starts out with flushing out a plan, a real viable plan from president obama. how about having the senate pass a budget which they haven't done in four years. one good things in terms of the house suspending the debt limit, giving the democrats time to pass a budget so we have something to compromise with. why don't you guys get along. i'm happy to work with anybody that to acknowledge the problem, but it's hard to compromise when you don't even have a viable plan. the last two budgets voted on three times. >> greta: i lay the blame on harry reid. house had a budget, maybe good or but the senator never let it be brought to the floor so give and take negotiations. however, where i casted the blame back at president obama he submitted the budget is why didn't he pick up the phone and tell his party leader, harry reid, get a budget so we can at least have a conversation. >> listen, these are such important issues. i hate these back room deals. we voted on the fiscal cliff at 1:40 in the morning on new year's day. >> greta: who read it? >> i prevented 99% of americans from getting an income t
injured with more to come at this hour. >>> crisis averted, the house passed a bill in a suspended the debt ceiling in may. president obama will sign the measure so the government can keep borrowing and paying the bills for a few more months. >>> gas prices rising more than usual this year. trip 8a reported $3.42. and in january, $3.32, second only to last year's january average! >> the party is on hold. and the feds say they're opposed to the marriage of the world's two biggest beer companies. on one side, anhauser busch. and the makers of an still. they have plan to buy popular mexican beers, including the top selling import, corona. but they filed a lawsuit, arguing that merger would give just one firm control of half of the u.s. beer market, and the competition could drive up prices wherever they buy the stuff. aanhauser busch will fight it in court. >>> facebook users can send a gift card to their friends by mail, but you continue use the facebook card to have purchase anything on the website itself. rather, it's meant for other places like target. it's available on the onlin
council met four times in its first year, zero times in its second year. in its place the white house said it's going to work more with business groups and o'groups to try to boost the economy, fix the debt, and fix immigration. anne-marie? >> all right. >>> president obama says he'll sign a measure raising the debt limit. it allows the treasury to borrow above the $16.4 trillion limit through may 18. without the measure the government would have defaulted on its obligation. >>> also on capitol hill a tough go for president's nominee for secretary of defense. forrer republican senator chuck hagel got hammered by fellow republicans during his confirmation hearing. he's still expected to be confirmed but his appearance could have bon stronger. danielle nottingham has this report. >> reporter: senator john mccain grilled chuck hagel about his opposition to the troop surge in iraq. >> and your refusal to answer whether you were right or wrong about it is going to have an impact on my judgment as to whether to vote for your confirmation or not. >> reporter: some republicans have said they won't
's between obama and hagel. >> not the only -- >> i hope it's not. >> you -- you've -- you're known to orbit around the white house from time to time. >> right. >> when the soup of the day is particularly tasty. i'm kidding. this is all out of love. glen -- >> potato cheddar. >> do you buy that line of argument from ben that this is sticking a finger in john mccain's eye, the hagel nomination, because we've been led to believe that there is a close saysness and a rep twar between the president and chuck hagel and that's why -- >> there are a lot of fingers being stuck in various eyes here. one of the other ones is apac, the fact that they got apac to sit on their hands on this nomination, and the israel, not the jewish lobby, hasn't really weighed in in a meaningful way on this is a big deal for the white house, but, you know, part of this, i think, reflects the basic reality is they don't want a strong secretary of defense. i think what you are looking at here is somebody who is not at least initially seeming to position himself as a strong secretary of defense, does not have deep connectio
. another story developing today. the obama administration provise posed revised rules to be exempt from free contraception as part of the health insurance plans. white house correspondent kristin welker joins us now. we got the heads up from the first read team this is coming down and now official word. what's the proposed change here? >> reporter: well, tamron, the bottom line is that employers now only need to meet one requirement to be considered a religious employer as compared to four. which was the initial proposal so as you pointed out it makes it easier for employers to be considered religious. this represents a compromise to some extent on the part of the obama administration. they are allowing employers to opt out of that provision that would basically provide contraceptive coverage to employees. at the same time allowing employees to get that coverage without paying a co-pay by dealing directly with the insurance company. the details of who shoulders this cost still a little bit murky but that really is the compromise that has been hammered out. here's what white house press
think that's right. kerry's job i think will be to serve obama's legacy, and he is going to have to work within an obama system that four years in is fairly well defined. the big issues are run out of the white house. they're run by a small group of people around the president, but it will be interesting to see how kerry changes the mix a bit. for example, you were just talking about hillary clinton and women's issues. kerry has been a leader on climate issues. will he be able to tip the scales a little bit in that direction and actually build on what the president said in his inaugural address about making climate a priority? >> kerry has said he wants to focus on the middle east, and that has been a deficit in terms of the israeli-palestinian track. certainly, i mean, the arab spring made it much more difficult, much more complicated, but some would argue made it more necessary. >> well, yeah. the middle east is also one of the drains that can suck all the oxygen out of the room. you know, you could get involved in it and get sucked down all these different kind of rabbit holes that ex
that the conservatives had. why is that? >> well, i think that, you know, the ads were better, to start with. so the pro-obama super pac that was run by bill burton, who used to work in the white house, his ads were breaking through on bain and some other subjects, whereas the republican super pacs were spending much, much, much more money but their ads didn't cut at all, they were poorly done, and so the democrats kind of caught a break at the presidential level. at the senate level they had some terrible candidates to work with and they did not deploy their resources well on the republican side, and in both presidential and senate races they made a lot of poor media buying decisions. so some of these were kind of technical areas where the democrats were just smarter than the republicans. that might not stand up. ultimately, it may be that when the democrats don't have the white house anymore at some point in the future or if more republican super pacs come in then some of the nightmares that the democrats had this past year might come true, where the money will just blow them away. >> some political profess
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